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COVID 19: Driver Resources and Information 

Celebrating America's Truck Drivers
Show your support and appreciation for our Highway Heroes

Truckers Helped

Dollars Spent for Drivers

Truckers Helped

Million Dollars Spent for Drivers

We help

Drivers Like You!

"I am so grateful for this truckers fund! They are truly a blessing to me and saved me from being homeless. I thank this wonderful organization for all they have done and will urge all my trucking family to donate!"

Driver with Cancer

"I don’t know if you all realize what you truly do for people or not, but not only are you helping me and my kids during the worst time of our lives, you’ve shown me that they’re still good people in this world and have given me a reason to believe again."

Wife of a Deceased Driver

"This fund helped us to save our home. We are so grateful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! May God bless St.Christopher Truckers Fund in abundance is our prayer. Thank you so much."

Driver with Heart Attacks
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How We Help

The St. Christopher Fund helps drivers by paying bills directly to bill holders. No money is given to drivers or their families. This helps to ensure we know how every dollar is spent and that the money is used for the things we are approved to pay.

St. Christopher Fund Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter is a simple way to stay informed about SCF news, trucker news, and community updates. Past newsletters have covered topics such as recent donors or sponsors of SCF, free vaccines for truckers along with information on how to claim them, and information regarding our seasonal challenges such as Driving to Be Healthy.

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