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Are you eligible to apply?

  • Do you have a valid Class A CDL?
  • Are you an over-the-road semi-truck driver (away from home 4 or more nights/week)?
  • Do you have a medical problem?
  • Did the medical problem first occur within the last year (from today’s date)?
  • Did the medical problem cause you to be out of work?
  • All of these criteria must be met. All of these criteria will be verified upon receipt of an application. *Please note that we are unable to provide assistance if the medical problem occurred while intoxicated, or under the influence of illegal drugs.


BEFORE applying please be ready with the following information:

  1.  Doctors’ names and phone numbers
  2. Employer’s name and contact information
  3. The amounts of your monthly household expenses
  4. If you are an Owner Operator or Lease Operator, your business income and expenses

Other Helpful Information about the Application Process

1. What do I do with my application when I complete it?

  • If  completing online, it will be sent to us automatically after signing.
  • If completing a paper application, fax to 865-851-8396, mail to P.O. Box 30763 Knoxville, TN 37930 or scan and email it to

2. How does the process work?

After receiving completed application

  •  A medical release form is sent to your doctor along with a request for records.
  • Once the records have been received, members of the Review Committee review your application.
  • After a decision has been made, you will receive a call or email.
  • If you are approved for financial assistance, you will be asked to provide a copy of the bill(s) to which you want the money to go towards. Payments are sent to companies directly.
  • *Please note that, due to the high volume of drivers needing assistance, we can only offer short-term help with a small portion of bills.

3. How long does the process take?

  • It can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to process the application.
  • Delays are due to
    -Medical records not being received
    -A lack of response from the applicant concerning questions
    -Incomplete applications

Medical records are requested within 1 business day (M-Th) of receiving an application; however, many offices do not supply the records in a timely manner. We suggest that applicants call their doctor or hospital in advance, letting them know a release for medical records will be coming from the St. Christopher Fund, and ask that they send your records as soon as possible.

4. Are there other resources you can provide?


  • Contact your local community action agency. You can find your agency by entering your state and county here.
  • You can also find additional resources by calling 211 from any phone.
  • Contact your mortgage provider, landlord, loan companies (e.g., car, credit card, furniture), courts (i.e., child support), IRS, cell phone company, and other types of companies in which you owe monthly bills to explain your situation and ask for deferment/help during your recovery time.
  • If you anticipate being out of work for more than a few months, apply for social security disability. It generally takes 1 year to get approved.

Click here for an extensive list of additional resources.