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Episode 6, Detailing SCF's Going The Distance Health & Wellness Program

In the first of two Health & Wellness editions of the podcast to be released in July, the Highway To Hope details SCF’s Going The Distance Challenge. SCF Wellness Manager Julie Dillon highlights this new program. Joining Julie as guests on this edition of the podcast are Hope Zvara, the co-founder of Mother Trucker Yoga and Kim McDonnell, the Senior Marketing Content and Community Manager for RoadPro Family of Brands. RoadPro is serving as a sponsor for the Going The Distance Challenge. Julie and Hope outline the new program and how professional drivers can join the Going The Distance Challenge. Kim, who also serves on SCF’s Board of Directors, talks about RoadPro’s involvement with the program and the company’s support of SCF. SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development Shannon Currier serves as your host. Shannon is joined on the podcast by Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of the PodWheels Network.


Episode 5, SCF Helps Driving Team After They Came Down With COVID-19

With this edition of the podcast, we will continue to look at the impact that COVID-19 is making on the trucking industry, and how SCF is responding to these new challenging times. In addition to meeting two new corporate sponsors joining SCF, our feature interview will highlight how those sponsorship and donor dollars are making a positive impact. Our feature interview will spotlight the harrowing experience of professional drivers Chris and Chanté Drew, a husband-and-wife team who enlisted the help of SCF after Chris came down with COVID-19 while on the road. Chris and Chanté, who were featured in late May on the PBS News Hour as they went through COVID-19, detail how SCF was able to assist them with their rent payments as they recovered and got back on the road. In this episode of the podcast, we’ll also talk to officials from Omnitracs and Yokohama Tire, hearing the details of what inspired their respective companies to join SCF as corporate sponsors.

Episode 4, The Inspiring Story of New SCF President Joyce Brenny

SCF President Joyce Brenny will be our featured guest on this edition of the SCF Highway To Hope podcast. Joyce is the owner and CEO of Brenny Transportation and Brenny Specialized. You’ll hear Joyce’s inspiring story, as she shares how she began her career in trucking at age 18 ultimately becoming a trailblazer within the industry. Joyce also details how she discovered the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund and became involved in SCF. Shannon Currier, the Director of Philanthropy and Development for SCF, serves as the host for the Highway To Hope. Shannon is joined on the podcast by Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of the PodWheels Network. This edition of the podcast will also include an interview Matthew Miller from AMBEST. Matthew will be discussing the company’s long relationship with SCF as a sponsor, and he will also be talking about the company’s recent donation to SCF in the wake of the COVID-19 National Emergency. During his interview, Matthew will be sharing the initial details of an exciting promotion that AMBEST will holding later in the year involving a classic American-made car.

Episode 3, Saluting Drivers & Answering The Call During COVID-19

The Highway To Hope Podcast returns with the first of three episodes scheduled to be released in June. Old World Industries CEO & President Charles Culverhouse is our featured guest Charles Culverhouse on this edition of the podcast. OWI produces BlueDef Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Peak Coolants, and Charles joins SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development Shannon Currier to discuss the company’s #KeeponTruckin social media campaign. #KeeponTruckin is focused on celebrating professional drivers as front-line heroes for our country. As the podcast details, the #KeeponTruckin campaign will also serve as a fundraiser for SCF. In addition to the interview with Charles, Shannon talks with PodWheels Executive Producer Greg Thompson about the adjustments SCF made as an organization to address the COVID-19 National Emergency.

Episode 2, A Look At The Value of Financial Planning

Do you have a financial plan in place? Are you ready for those “rainy days,” and the unexpected circumstances that can cost you extra money? This episode of SCF’s Highway To Hope Podcast is dedicated to understanding the value of good financial planning and what it can mean for professional drivers. SCF Director of Philanthropy and Development serves as your host. Shannon is joined on the podcast by Greg Thompson, the Executive Producer of the PodWheels Network. Shannon and Greg will be interviewing Colton Lawrence, the CEO of Equinox Business Solutions, discussing how to prepare for unexpected expenses and how to address situations where you encounter debt. They will also be speaking with Danny and Cindy George. Veteran team drivers who share some very effective best practices for saving money while you are on the road.

Episode 1, Welcome To SCF's Highway To Hope Podcast

In this debut edition of the Highway to Hope podcast, we’ll be talking to Shannon Currier, the Director of Philanthropy & Development for the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. PodWheels Network Executive Producer Greg Thompson talked with Shannon on a range of topics. During their discussion, Shannon provides listeners with an overview of SCF and its mission while highlighting the organization’s key initiatives. Shannon also notes SCF’s many achievements during 2019, and she looks ahead to what SCF is seeking to accomplish during 2020.

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