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Tobacco Tips, Tools and Testimonies

I am happy to report that I am both smoke and cancer free! Thank you guys so much for your assistance you gave my family last year. We are not only saving tons of money from my no longer having that filthy habit, but also enjoying good health.

-Chris R.

I’m still cigarette/tobacco free!! Thank you for putting this program together. I know I’ve been able to quit smoking in part because of the program.

– Chan M.

I’m still smoke free and I’m doing ok. Have had a couple close calls due to stressful situations but I got through them. I’m back OTR again and it’s been a learning experience. I’m teaching myself to keep my habits simple. I still catch myself glancing down from time to time where I used to keep my smokes only now there’s either candy or gum in its place. I don’t think about it as often but it does happen and I just have to change my focus long enough for the craving to disappear. Getting back the ability to breathe, to sleep better, and to enjoy food and smells again has been enough of a reward. Enjoying my health and the benefits that come with it are more than enough. I’m just grateful for your help and in being smoke free.

– Rick K.

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Dr. John McElligott discusses kicking the nicotine habit and offers

some tips and tricks on how to deal with the “hand to mouth” addiction.

The following video shows a timeline of what your body experiences through the first few weeks of no longer using tobacco.

Dr. John offers his advice on Cigs, Clots and Colonoscopies. Read all about it HERE.

Listen to Dr. John, on the Tim Ridley show, talk about smoking and its effects on the body.

Dr. John’s Radio Show on Smoking Part 2.


Ever wonder how much you can save if you decide to be tobacco free?

Each year the average smoker/tobacco user spends between $1,000 and $5,000 on cigarettes and/or smokeless tobacco. Just think of what you could buy with that money! You could go on a nice vacation, buy a good used car or put some money in the bank for emergencies.

Check out the link below to see what your weekly, monthly, yearly tobacco usage is costing you.

Cost of Smoking Calculator

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