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COVID-19: Information and Updates

Get Federal Aid:

Unemployment Benefits Finder in Your State

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update: New federal law provides unemployment benefits for self-employed and other workers, adds an additional $600 to weekly benefits, and offers other benefits that you can read about in these FAQs about unemployment insurance or the complete guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor.

To apply for unemployment benefits, select the link below then choose your state. You’ll find website links and/or phone numbers to file and learn more about eligibility, benefits, and other questions you might have.

Each state administers their own Unemployment Insurance program, so individual state websites are the best source for updated information.

Visit Unemployment Benefits Finder



Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Health and government officials are working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people. Small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy.

FMCSA Distribution of Protective Masks for Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is assisting in the distribution of one million protective masks to the nation’s commercial truck drivers.

FMCSA has been working with states, industry stakeholders, and motor carriers to distribute one million protective face masks for truckers which were provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Dates and times for the distribution of masks will be updated as they are established.  See where masks are being distributed here!

Check on the status of your Economic Impact Payment

This application will give you information about:

  • Your payment status
  • Your payment type
  • Whether we need more information from you, including bank account information


Economic impact payments: What you need to know

For more information and FAQs please visit

Get Help with Unemployment, Mortgage/Rent, and Insurance


Those who can file for unemployment include:

  • Anyone that has lost their job, including contract workers
  • Anyone that is quarantined
  • Anyone that is quarantined and taking care of a loved one with the coronavirus

Because the system is overrun with calls and applications, it’s suggested that you document every attempt that you tried to call/get online.  Take screenshots and keep a phone log with the dates because they will backtrack to the date you started trying to apply.  You can also search for legal aid advocates to help you.


Help with mortgages and rent:

  • Communication is key!  If you are unable to pay, call your lender immediately.  Ask for a forbearance (this is for mortgage, car, and credit cards), and ask to extend the term of the loan so that your loan amount stays the same after the forbearance.  Insist on having the same payment amount!  Loans backed by Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae are required to give the option to not have higher payments.
  • In most areas there is a moratorium on eviction proceedings for rentals.  Again, communication is key!  Talk to your landlord.  Ask your landlord if they have done the above because banks should be helping them on the mortgage of the rental.
  • Resources for Renters



  • If you’ve become unemployed, you can get coverage through the state level healthcare exchange.  You may also be eligible for Medicare.

Insurers pause policies, halt cancellations for owner-operators who can’t pay premiums due to virus slowdown


Find workforce services in your neighborhood or across the country.



What you need to know about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Learn how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you’re sick. Get up-to-date news and information on cases in the U.S. and find additional resources for your community.

Visit Below: 

Facts for Truckers on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

OOIDA and Land Line Media are compiling the latest updates from federal and state governments on the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Click on the link below to be taken directly to official documents. Information from Land Line is identified as such. For Land Line Media’s complete coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, click here.

Have Questions About Symptoms, or About What to do if Positive? 

Call Dr. John for advice at 865-438-0184.

These companies are offering help for truckers nationwide.


Bush’s Chicken has announced that they will offer curbside service for truck drivers at all 80 of their locations. Call in your order ahead of time and then arrange delivery to your truck.

Comcast is offering free use of XFINITY hotspots during the crisis.

Domino’s Pizza will deliver to truck stops.

Love’s Truck Stops are still open and ready to serve drivers, but they have made a few adjustments. They have removed self-serve condiment stations and they are asking everyone to use a new Love’s cup instead of a previous one. You’ll still get the refill rate with the new cup. Showers are still open to customers as well.

Meals for 18 Wheels is a Facebook group that tries to connect drivers with nearby volunteers who can help them get meals.

Pilot Flying J has also made adjustments. The showers are open and cleaned after every use. All self-serve food stations are closed.

Target Distribution Centers are allowing truckers to park, use the restroom and eat a meal. They have asked all of the centers to provide water, snacks and hand sanitizer free of charge in the break rooms.

Texas Roadhouse will bring your food out to your truck.


Many local businesses are offering help for truck drivers, too.

Of course, some of the best resources are found in small towns and local communities. These small businesses and sometimes even individuals have promised help for truckers during this difficult coronavirus crisis.


Clanton’s WhataBurger invites truckers to be served at the restaurant’s back door.

Eufaula has offered assistance to truckers who need help getting a drive-thru meal. The local police department has said that they will either get your meal for you or take you through the nearest drive through (in the back seat, of course). If they don’t have any officers available to assist, they will secure someone who can. Just call 334-687-1200 for assistance.


I am still looking for resources in Alaska.


Tucson has Omar’s Hi-way Chef, which is serving drivers. Instructions here.


Gurdon‘s Southfork Truck Stop is still serving truckers.

Fordyce‘s Sonic has created a drive-thru for truck drivers. It is still operational.

Ozark‘s Hillybilly Hideaway is open for sit-down service. They have plenty of parking for trucks because it’s in a travel center on I-40, exit 35.

Pottsville Police Department has offered to help truckers find places to eat. They will either retrieve the food for you or give you a ride to one of the three restaurants in town. They’ve offered to meet truckers a the Exit 88 off-ramp or another parking spot near town.

Springdale Sam’s Club is offering restrooms, goodies, hot coffee and soda to all truckers. Even if you aren’t delivering to Sam’s Club, you can use these services.


I am still looking for help for truckers in California.


Grand Junction’s Orchard Mesa Baptist Church has invited truckers to park in their parking lot and use the Church van to go through a local drive-thru.

Sedgwick‘s Lucy’s Cafe offers home cooked meals to-go. They have plenty of space to park and turn around.


The State of Connecticut has announced that rest areas on I-84 and I-91, as well as service plazas on I-95, I-395 and the Merritt Parkway, will remain open 24/7. They will have fuel, bathrooms, convenience stores and prepared takeout food available for you.


I am still looking for resources in Delaware.


Century‘s WhataBurger has had an employee in the truck parking area taking orders.

Tampa has someone that has offered to help truckers get food. Here’s the details.


Calhoun ‘s Cracker Barrel invites truckers to park in the back parking lot. They will bring your curbside orders out to you.

Warner Robins Zaxby’s Restaurant is offering help for truckers. They have a sign in the window that says “Attention Truck Drivers! We know you can’t fit in the drive-thru so, for curb-side service, please call us inside at 478-654-2658. Thank you!”


I am still looking for resources in Hawaii.


Boise Stage Shop is located outside of city limits and is keeping the restaurant open for truckers.


Amboy has a Sunset Inn that will bring food out to your truck.

Crete has a Culvers Restaurant that will bring the food to your truck, just as fast as the drive thru.

Goodfield‘s Busy Corner Restaurant is offering a home style meal to go. If you call the restaurant, they will deliver it to you.

Havana‘s 78 Sports Bar & Grille is offering curbside delivery for truck drivers. They have plenty of parking for your truck!

Salem has a Wendy’s that will serve you if you walk up to the drive-thru window.


Indiana State Police have opened all the Indiana weigh stations for truck driver parking, 24/7. For rules and details, click here.

Culvers in Chesterton and La Porte have asked drivers to call their order in. They’ll bring the food out to you, just as fresh, hot and fast as the drive-thru.

Bedford has a KFC that will allow truck drivers to walk up to the drive-thru window.

Richmond’s Buffalo Wings and Rings will bring you order directly to your truck if you park in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

Spiceland‘s Flying J (exit 123) has an incredible manager named Laura who has offered to deliver food to the gas pump. You can see her post here.

Winchester has two Pizza Huts with plenty of room for trucks. Drivers are welcome to stop by for a carry out order!


Muscatine‘s Pizza Ranch will deliver to your truck.

Walcott Truck Stop is offering help for truckers in the form of take-out food and showers available.


I am still looking for resources in Kansas.


Hodgenville Police Department has offered to help truckers get meals. They will either bring it to you or take you to the nearest drive-thru.

Lebanon‘s Cedarwood Restaurant is inviting truck drivers to use their restrooms and grab some hot food.

Olive Hill has a Clark’s Pump N Shop, which allows truck drivers to walk up to the drive thru for a hot meal.

Owensboro‘s Dairy Queen will bring orders out to your truck. You can place your order over the phone, on the mobile app or by walking through the drive-thru.

Somerset‘s Steak and Shake will serve truckers, first responders and others in large vehicles that can’t fit through the drive-thru. You can knock on the window or call the store for service.


Jennings Road Bound and Down LLC has offered free parking on their 10 acres, as well as a FREE home-cooked meal or a free ride to a drive-thru.


I am still looking for resources in Maine.


I am still looking for resources in Maryland.


I am still looking for resources in Massachusetts.


Fenton‘s Canadian Steak, Fish and Sandwich Company has plenty of parking and they are willing to deliver to local truck stops.

Onsted‘s Randy’s Roadside Bar-B-Que is located right off highway 12. The owner, Randy Bahlau, is offering FREE meals to truck drivers.

Owosso has Dedic’s Bar, which is offering help for truckers in the form of a 10% discount to truck drivers. They have parking for several semis in their parking lot. They have also offered use of their driveway to anyone who needs a place to stop and sleep.

Roscommon has a place for trucks to park! Jake’s Place has plenty of parking space. If you call ahead, they’ll even have a meal hot and ready for you!


Dakota has a Kwik Trip location that is well-stocked and claims to have prices roughly equivalent to Walmart.

Grand Rapids has Dutchroom Bar and Mad Dog’s Pizza, which has plenty of parking space and will bring food to your truck.

Scanlon‘s River Inn has a large parking lot, take-out food and a bathroom.

Strandquist has a restaurant named The Rainbow Club, which will provide a discount to truck drivers.


Horn Lake has a Memphis Barbeque Company that is eager to serve drivers. Pull into the Desoto Cove parking lot behind the restaurant, call them to place your order and they’ll bring the order out to you.


Faucett’s Ferris Truck Stop and Big Rigs Restaurant is still open for truck drivers.

Malden’s KFC will bring your order out to you.

Tipton restaurant Blind Hog BBQ is offering FREE meals for truckers for a limited time. Details here.

Warrenton has a Taco Bell with a tiny parking lot. If you park in the next door Phillips 66 Petro Mart, you can pull in and get turned around. Order your food on the Taco Bell mobile app and then call them (or just call them) and they’ll meet you at the door with your meal.


I am still looking for resources in Montana.


I am still looking for resources in Nebraska.


Ely Carl’s Jr is offering help for truckers. They are allowing drivers to walk through the drive-thru to be served.

New Hampshire

I am still looking for resources in NH.

New Jersey

Medford‘s Evergreen Dairy is offering FREE food for truckers.

New Mexico

Moriarti’s Lisa’s Truck Center allows drivers to walk in to place an order.

Roswell’s Chef Toddzilla’s invites truckers to park next to the restaurant and walk up to the drive-through.

New York

I am still looking for resources in New York.

North Carolina

Goldsboro‘s McCall’s BBQ and Seafood will bring your meal out to your truck.

Jonesvilel‘s Sixty-Seven Pizza Co. has posted about making accommodations for truckers.

Kinston business owner Ray Singer is offering FREE parking and a meal to truckers at his shop, LG Trucking. Get more details about his help for truckers in this Facebook post.

Mebane has a McDonald’s that is allowing drivers to walk through the drive-thru. It’s on exit 152.

North Dakota

I am still looking for resources in North Dakota.


The Ohio Department of Transportation has pledged to keep all their rest areas open. They have promised to provide more frequent cleaning and sanitizing to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

Boardman‘s Magic Tree Pub & Eatery has plenty of parking space for trucks. You’re welcome to stay, eat and sleep there. They’ll even bring the food to your truck for you!

Mansfield has a Golden Corral that is offering take-out orders for truckers. The parking lot is large and empty, so they’re allowing trucks to park overnight as well.

Marengo‘s Legacy Restaurant and Bar is offering 40% off burgers and free parking for truckers.

Springfield has an EZ Drive Automart that is offering to help drivers get meals. During open hours, they will drive you to get your breakfast, lunch or dinner for free. You can park at the closed gas station across the street, which has plenty of parking.

Wapakoneta’s Lucky Steer Restaurant is offering free parking and 40% off your meal.

Wilmington‘s Wendys (at 68 & 71) has a sign in their window that declares that they will accept orders from truckers who walk up to the window.


Commerce‘s Lil Cafe is open. You can get food and use the restrooms.

Oklahoma City‘s TBS Factoring Service is offering FREE lunches for truckers on Friday, March 20th. It is not clear if this event will happen again in the future.

Valiant’s Sonic has a deal for truckers.


Pendleton‘s Arrowhead Travel Plaza is allowing walk-up orders at McDonald’s.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission previously closed all service plazas due to coronavirus. However, effective March 20th, they have reopened these facilities because they realized they needed to offer help for truckers during this difficult time. restrooms are available 24 hours per day and there are limited take-out food options between 7am and 6pm. Only North Midway and Valley Forge will offer 24/7 food services.

Conshohocken‘s PennFleet Corp is offering their 5-acre parking lot to truckers. They are also coordinating porta-potties and food items for truckers.

Eaton Subway has announced that “all law enforcement, fire, ems, doctors, nurses, healthcare staff, health department officials and commercial truck drivers eat free until further notice.”

Harrisonville Eagles have offered their parking lot to truckers. They have also offered to help truckers find a meal.

Philadelphia’s Riteload LLC has offered parking space for about a dozen trucks. The owner has ordered portapotties for the truckers to use, as well.

Slippery Rock ‘s North Country Brewing Company is offering restroom access and meals to go at three locations: the North Country Brewpub, the Harmony Inn and the North Country Taproom and Canning.

Rhode Island

I am still looking for resources in Rhode Island.

South Carolina

Myrtle Beach‘s York Custom Golf Carts is offering FREE parking and meals to truckers.

South Dakota

I am still looking for resources in South Dakota.


Jackson has an Exit 87 BBQ Stand that is eager to serve truck drivers. According to their Facebook post, “I can tell you and promise you one thing: As long as you’re on the road or in need my place will always be here for you whether you have any money on you or not. If you’re hungry I’m going to feed you. If you need to shower, you can come to my house and take a shower. Do you need your clothes washed? We will wash them. I cannot believe some of the things my friends are sharing with me and most of my friends are drivers.”


Athens WhataBurger will meet you at the front door with your food.

Dumas has Parden’s Portable Buildings, which is planning to cook BBQ for all truck drivers on Sunday March 22nd. Details here.

Grand Prairie‘s Jake’s Burgers and Beer will bring your order out to you.

Livingston‘s Pit Row is offering FREE BBQ sandwiches and drinks to truckers. They will bring it to your truck. You just need to call the restaurant when you arrive. Details here.

New York Hill has a restaurant called Thurber that has parking for about 15 trucks.

Paris has plenty of parking, meals and restroom sat The Barn Cafe inside the Paris Livestock Auction Barn.

Waco is offering take out and curbside service at Pizza House of West and Gerik’s Ole’ Czech Bakery.


I am still looking for resources in Utah.


I am still looking for resources in Vermont.


Blackstone‘s Richlands Dairy Farm will bring food to your truck. According to their social media post, this is a “thank you for keeping the distribution lines open as farmers continue to produce healthy and wholesome food during the pandemic.”

New Market‘s Southern Kitchen is open for take-out and has ample parking for trucks.


I am still looking for resources in Washington.

West Virginia

Jane Lew has the Rock Springs Tavern that is providing food and facilities to truck drivers.


Adams County has a campground on highway 21 that is willing to accommodate trucks. The owner has offered help for truckers in the form of something to eat, a place to shower and a place to park.

Black River Falls’ Burger King welcomes truck drivers to walk up to the drive-thru window.

Chilton business, Evan’s Detailing and Polishing, has stated that truckers can eat, sleep and shower at their business. Details here.

Edgerton Travel Plaza is offering showers, coffee and to-go food for truckers.

Hallie’s Culver’s (highway 53) is serving drivers. Just call in your order and then walk up to the window to pick it up!

Hurley‘s Yukon 51 will feed truckers.

Middleton has free parking for trucks at the Silk Exotic Madison club.

Osseo Family Restaurant has plenty of truck parking and is providing their full menu for carry out.

Pleasant Prairie Culvers invites truckers to park in the lot and call in the orders. They’ll bring the order out for you!

Plover‘s Culvers will allow truckers to walk up to the window for service.


I am still looking for resources in Wyoming.