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SCF Families


“Saving Lives & Families, One Driver at a Time”

Truck drivers are vital to America. Donate today to help them when an illness or injury takes them out of work.

You can make a difference!

Donate online and make a huge difference!

What can your donation do?

lightbulb$200 pays a utility bill

car$500 pays a car payment

insurance$600-800 pays rent or insurance

$1000-$1500 pays mortgage

Here’s what we’ve done with your donations:



“Again….there are not enough words to Thank You. I have not slept good in a long time wondering if we were going to be homeless next month because we couldn’t pay the house payment. This will give us another month. The Good Lord has helped us this far so I’m holding on to my faith and praying. I will definitely mention St. Christopher Truckers Fund to everyone I know!!!”


We help
Real Drivers & Their Families!

"Truckers, right now, are providing some of our country's most essential services. It feels good to offer a humble act of gratitude and hope for their well-being."

Bart Barry

"I honestly had never thought about truckers - if they got sick on the road....access to restrooms and places to rest. Now, as they are on the front line of essential workers - and reading about all the obstacles they can face - we wanted to do our part to support the efforts of your organization."


"I am so grateful for this truckers fund! They are truly a blessing to me and saved me from being homeless. I thank this wonderful organization for all they have done and will urge all my trucking family to donate!"

Driver With Cancer

"I don’t know if you all realize what you truly do for people or not, but not only are you helping me and my kids during the worst time of our lives, you’ve shown me that they’re still good people in this world and have given me a reason to believe again."

Wife of a Deceased Driver

"This fund helped us to save our home. We are so grateful and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! May God bless St.Christopher Truckers Fund in abundance is our prayer. Thank you so much."

Driver With Heart Attacks