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Radio Nemo broadcasts on the Road Dog Channel, Monday through Friday, on Sirius XM 146.  Host, Tim Ridley, gets you through sunrise from 5-7am EST with a combination of fun and information. It’s everything you need to know and a bunch of stuff that you didn’t know you needed!  Dave Nemo keeps the information coming from 7-11am EST with his live call-in program that spotlights news and topics of interest for professional drivers.  Featured segments include financial and business advice, equipment issues and health.  When the weekend hits, stay connected with resident know-it-all Jimmy Mac and lovely brainiac Clare Marie on Dave Nemo Weekends. They will keep you laughing and unwinding with their own version of a diner breakfast conversation. Inspired by a different topic each morning, they spin off into famous birthdays, tips for better living, jokes, favorite movies, homespun recipes, humorous rants, any place the coffee and laughs take you. Grab your coffee every morning and join the conversation with this crew.



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