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Made possible by support from OOIDA

The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, with sponsorship from OOIDA, is offering free vaccine vouchers for all uninsured, professional over-the-road truck drivers that have a current Class A CDL. Drivers have the opportunity to receive FREE flu, shingles and pneumonia vaccines. You are required to show your Class A CDL along with the voucher.

Here at the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, we believe that vaccines are so important. So that is why we are working to offer these free vaccines.

**If you have health insurance, ask to have your insurance card run to see if the cost of the vaccines will be covered. If they are not, please contact us..**


Claim your Free Vaccine

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NOTE: Walgreens Flu Vaccine GOOD thru 4/1/24; Pneumonia/Shingles Vaccine GOOD thru 7/31/24 | Kroger Vaccines GOOD thru 9/18/24 | The Little Clinic Vaccines GOOD through 9/17/24


Your free vaccine voucher will be valid through the expiration date printed on the voucher; although, we recommend claiming your vaccine as soon as possible to decrease the chances of illness keeping you from working.

We offer different vouchers throughout the year, so check back as needed to see what vouchers are currently available. If you have any questions or have had problems redeeming a vaccine voucher, please contact us.