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Visionary Sponsor

Pilot Company's Support

“At Pilot Company, we are committed to fueling our communities by supporting causes that drive us to improve the quality of life for people at home and on the road. We are proud to support the health and wellness program of St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund to financially assist professional drivers in times of illness or injury and to help them get and stay healthy with preventative medical services.”

It’s our mission to make your experience on the road the best it can be. We’ve done it for 60 years, and we’ll continue to do it every day in the future.  We treat you like family. Our team members are inspired to make your visit a great one. Our goal is to become the center for your travels.  And we are part of your community. At Pilot Company, we believe it’s essential to give back to our communities that have given so much to us. We are committed to supporting local, regional and industry non-profit and charitable organizations.