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Trucker Health

Love Your Heart-Don’t Be a Statistic

February is widely known to be the month that we celebrate Valentine’s Day but, more importantly, it is also National Heart Disease Awareness Month. The Centers for Disease Control states that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, with one...

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Diabetes on the Road

1: Plan your meals - Most poor diet choices are made due to lack of planning. Meal planning really applies to anyone living with or without diabetes. Most poor diet choices are made due to lack of planning. Creating a routine with meals and having a general idea of...

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Summer Heat Creates Health Risks for Truckers

The cab of your truck is probably pretty cool and comfy when you have the key on. The 2018 Land Line Reader Survey says 56 percent of respondents do not yet use an alternative to idling. So, while heat stress is a rare issue when the truck is running, there is clear...

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What is “Rhabdo”? Bet You Can’t Guess!

This may be the first time you have ever heard the term, Rhabdo.  You may be asking yourself, "What is it? Can I get it? Is it contagious?" In this article, written for Landline,  Dr. John McElligott tells us all about "Rhabdo".  Take a few minutes and get your...

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The Voice of Cancer

Guest blog contributor, Carolyn O'byrne, shares her thoughts on oral cancer causes and ways to prevent it! Read all about it--- The Voice of Cancer.    

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No Shortage of Stress in Trucking

Truckers provide a very important service to all of us. If you've got it, a trucker brought it, as they say. Truckers often like to take much pride in what they do, which is why, when a trucker invests in a new trailer such as the Boydstun 9107-46 QL car, you probably...

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National Nutrition Month – How’s Your Health?

March is National Nutrition Month. What’s the big deal? Why would there be a month dedicated to this? Nutrition equals health. We all want to be healthy, and we all want quality of life. In my early years, I never knew that there was a way to eat right. I thought any...

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This One’s For The Girls – Cervical Health

The cervix is an organ that we only think about when something goes wrong with it! It is the passage between the vagina and the uterus. Among other things, it's also a barrier that keeps vaginal bacteria out of the uterus itself and it holds the baby in when a woman...

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Dr. John Discusses ED and Smoking

I recently talked about ED and Smoking on the Tim Ridley Show on XM146 Road Dog Trucking Radio. Brad, a truck driver, wanted some additional information on this subject. So - here you go! MEN - TIME TO GET YOUR ATTENTION! This information is hot off the presses from...

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“Run with Jazzy” Where Is Jazzy Now?

j It's been seven years since Jazzy ran across America to raise awareness for drivers in need.  In 2010, 16-year-old Jazzy Jordan ran over 3,000 miles, collecting donations along the way to benefit St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Get the update on Run for...

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