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Trucker Health

Dr. John Discusses ED and Smoking

I recently talked about ED and Smoking on the Tim Ridley Show on XM146 Road Dog Trucking Radio. Brad, a truck driver, wanted some additional information on this subject. So - here you go! MEN - TIME TO GET YOUR ATTENTION! This information is hot off the presses from...

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“Run with Jazzy” Where Is Jazzy Now?

j It's been seven years since Jazzy ran across America to raise awareness for drivers in need.  In 2010, 16-year-old Jazzy Jordan ran over 3,000 miles, collecting donations along the way to benefit St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Get the update on Run for...

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Think You May Need a Sleep Study?

Many drivers go for their DOT physical and get the news that they need to have a sleep study completed before they can get get back out on the road. This can be an extreme financial hardship for the driver and his/her family.  Do you know what indicators to look for...

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Heart Attacks-They Don’t Just Happen to Men

At St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund every month, we work with truck drivers that have experienced the devastating effects of a heart attack. While the majority of the drivers are men, we have also talked with women who have had a heart attack. One day a driver is...

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My Journey to Healthy Living

Truck driving is a tough job; you either love it or you do something else. The long hours, the lack of sleep, and the lack of exercise all contributed to my health problems.

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Excessive Thirst And Diabetes

  By John McElligott, MD Question: I am incredibly thirsty all the time. I drink plenty of water, coffee, juice and bottled iced tea, but just can't seem to get enough. Is something wrong with me? There are a number of reasons for being so thirsty, but my main concern...

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Yes, You Can Cook In A Truck

By Kari Fisher, Missing Driver Alert Network Truck cooking can be easy and creative and is a much healthier option to the fast-food options offered at truck stops. If you have no inverter installed in your truck, a small 400 watt 12-volt installation will operate a 2...

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Grief in the Trucking Industry By Buck Black, Trucker Therapy Unfortunately, there has been a lot of death in the trucking industry. The value of a truck can always be covered by a company like One Sure Insurance, but the life of a trucker is much more sacred and...

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