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As 2020 approaches quickly, many of us will make New Year’s Resolutions.  Your resolution may be to exercise more or eat healthier. Or, you may be like a lot people and ask, “Why bother?” Well, I’m so glad you asked! I would like to share with you why “bothering” is so important.  “Bothering” to do something to make a difference in your life could possibly save your life.

James Houston joined the St. Christopher Fund Rigs without Cigs program in September of 2017. James had been a heavy smoker for many years and tried multiple times to quit in the past. James said, “I knew people were looking up to me and I was not being a good example to others. Something had to change”. It did not happen overnight for him. James worked tirelessly to become tobacco free. Julie, with St. Christopher Fund, stayed in touch with James throughout his journey to quit smoking.  In January of 2019 James became completely tobacco free. He will be celebrating his one-year anniversary very soon. He feels that the support and accountability given to him by Rigs without Cigs while he was trying quit, helped save his life. He chooses to pay it forward by supporting the efforts of others to quit in the Rigs without Cigs Facebook group.

Chan Martinez joined Rigs without Cigs in August of 2017. In April of 2018 he started using the Quit Key tapering off method to assist in him becoming smoke free.  By May of that year he was a non-smoker. Chan has celebrated being tobacco free for over a year and a half. Chan gives God and the support of the Rigs without Cigs group the credit in him no longer smoking. He said “Seeing the success of others and the support I received from people in the group, assisted me in quitting. The prize incentives and rewards were good, too.” He stays active in the program to offer accountability, support, and encouragement to others who are struggling.

St. Christopher Fund is appreciative of these drivers who have stepped up to be an example to others, and be ambassadors for the Rig without Cigs program. Road Pro Family of Brands, a partner of SCF and its wellness programs, wants to show their appreciation to James and Chan by giving them a RoadKing 950 headset and a Qi Universal Wireless Charger. We are excited to see professional drivers working with RwC who have taken back their health and are now helping others to do the same.

Will this be the year that you decide to take control of your health and realize that you can be a non-smoker?  You can do it. One change at a time. Check out the St. Christopher Fund website for more information on Rigs without Cigs or to register for the program.

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