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By Idella Hansen, Driver with IBI Secured Transport

Do you ever wonder where and how you are going to store all the small stuff that you need to keep up with while on the road? Do you know that a clear little bag can be a great organization tool?

We are going to start off with something simple that doesn’t take up much room. These bags can save you frustration when looking for something or can save you from a cleanup chore later on. We carry zip lock bags. Now, I’m not saying you have to buy the brand name, but I prefer the heavy duty brands. I keep 4 different sizes in the truck for various purposes.

You can use zip lock bags for anything from small office supplies to paper clips. We all know what a pain it is when you spill pens, clips and such. The bags keep refrigerated items fresh and from spilling and you can see what you have at a glance. I use them in my tool box to hold small light bulbs, nuts, bolts and zip ties. I use the gallon ones in the tool hold. I put my rolled up load straps (van) one to a bag. This keeps my other stuff clean. It keeps the straps from getting tangled. It also protects them from any seeps or oops from rain storms.

Finally, if you have wet stuff and trash that might end up making a mess, it’s really helpful to seal it up until you have time to dispose of it the proper way. I am sure as you start putting things away in your truck, you will find many more uses for them. They are an inexpensive way to organize a lot of items in a small amount of space.