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2023 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


Nearly every aspect of daily life is made possible because a truck driver delivered the goods and resources people need.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for America to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These 3.5 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely, and on time, they also keep our highways safe.

Our 2023 National Truck Driver Appreciation Donors

“I am so proud to be the St. Christopher Fund Board President, which gives me one more opportunity to highlight the importance of professional truck drivers! Professional Truck drivers, you are the leaders of our industry! Thank you!”

“As a leading provider of third-party logistics services and technology, Echo aims to consistently equip carriers and drivers with the support they need which has led to our trusted relationships,” said Dave Menzel, President and Chief Operating Officer at Echo. “We’re able to do this through our innovative technology, which helps carriers manage loads and keeps drivers on the road, and our 24/7/365 service, where experts are just a phone call or a click away. We’re excited to continue to support St. Christopher Fund and the support they provide for drivers.”

“Professional drivers go the extra mile to keep our economy running,” said David Hughes, senior vice president of sales at Pilot Company. “On behalf of Pilot Company, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the professional drivers out there for your tireless efforts and dedication. We are truly honored to be able to serve you.”

“Supporting the St. Christopher Fund in celebrating hard-working truck drivers across the U.S. is truly an honor during this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week” – Julie Wright, North American Brand Manager, Shell Rotella.

“We are incredibly proud and honored to support our nation’s truck drivers this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and every week, alongside the St. Christopher’s Fund, as they extend their helping hand to drivers navigating their toughest moments,” said Kendra Tucker, chief executive officer, Truckstop. “Thank you to all the hard working truck drivers for all that you do – you truly are the rockstars of the road.”

Brenny Transportation Thanks 

“I am so proud to be the St. Christopher Fund Board President, which gives me one more opportunity to highlight the importance of professional truck drivers! Professional Truck drivers, you are the leaders of our industry! Thank you!”

Shell Rotella Thanks 

“Theresa DeSantis, out of Apache Junction, Ariz., has been a truck driver for over 38 years and has been driving the same 1985 Peterbilt 359 since she and her husband, Dean, bought it new. Dean introduced Theresa to trucks in high school and ever since they have driven countless routes both together and apart. She named her stunning big rig ‘The Witches Inn’, – but she really isn’t ‘witchy’ at all! Thank you, Theresa, for being a great representative for the trucking industry!”

“Daniel and Phyllis Snow, owners of Harrison, Arkansas-based Snow Trucking have won an array of awards at shows across the country with their ever-evolving 1996 Freightliner Classic XL, ‘The Goose.’ They do their missionary work called ‘In God We Truck,’ and truly believe this is where God wants them. Daniel and Phyllis Snow are true highway heroes!”

“Truett and Crystal Novosad operate Equipment Express, Inc. based in Caldwell, Texas and represent the best of the trucking industry through their business and the stunning trucks they have on the road. Their Doc Holliday-themed 2007 Peterbilt 379 and other trucks demonstrate their pride in the trucking industry as they roll down the highway.”

Truck Driver Appreciation Promotions

We are a proud sponsor of the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund. Together, we are encouraging #TruckDrivers to take advantage of our free health and wellness programs!

How can you help? Share on Facebook or #EnterToWin a case of our tasty #LowCarb pork rinds! Learn more about our Tune Up Challenge campaign here:…

We think our nation’s truck drivers deserve a round of applause. As a token of our gratitude, we’re proud to partner with St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, and will be making a donation of $7,500 as part of this campaign — so play along and spread the word!





Donate and Round Up at participating Sapp Bros locations! Get your paper truck, show your support, and hang it on the wall of the fuel stop location. Sapp Bros is matching up to $25k!

C.H. Robinson is launching a “Miles of Gratitude” tour and thank you campaign to celebrate and show appreciation for truck drivers across the nation.

To help spread awareness and honor the critical and demanding work of a truck driver, the “Miles Of Gratitude” tour will launch Sept. 11 in Minnesota and then travel cross-country, stopping at eight different truck stops where Robinson employees will be giving away gift cards and access to one free cash-advance payment to truck drivers.  For every mile traveled, the C.H. Robinson Foundation will donate $10.00 to our mission of hope, which helps truck drivers in need. Additionally, to encourage others to participate in the national thank you campaign, Robinson will donate another $10.00 for every truck driver thank you note posted on social media with #MilesOfGratitude, up to $50,000 total!

Raney’s is donating $3,000 to our mission of hope in connection with their Virtual Truck show and TDAW! Raney’s 4th Annual Virtual Truck Show is back! Enter the truck show and vote all from the comfort of your own cab. And of course, every truck show includes prizes!

“During the pandemic, all truck shows were cancelled, and we wanted to find a solution to bring the trucking community together again. With the help of our sponsors, the Raney’s Virtual Truck Show was born! Now in its fourth year, we continue this annual tradition thanks to all the incredible submissions, participation, and feedback from the community. The Virtual Truck Show is a fun and easy way for any owner-operator or driver to participate in a truck show, without months of planning or traveling involved. While we love being able to award the winners with cash prizes, this year we decided that this would also be a great opportunity to bring awareness and donate to one of our favorite organizations- St. Christopher Trucker Relief Fund. We admire the work St. Christopher does for the trucking community, and appreciate knowing this donation will go directly to drivers and their families in need.

We look forward to keeping this Raney’s tradition alive for years to come!”

SCF Thanks Drivers 


Jeff Ford

Jeff is not only my brother but one of the greatest drivers that ever traveled the highways. I cannot begin to tell the stories throughout the 40 years he drove a truck. He drove over a million miles and never had a ticket or an accident! He always kept his wife and children first throughout his driving career and never waivered. Jeff handled his trucking business like he handles life – with utmost honestly, respect for others and integrity. He is retired and relaxing now from years of heavy hauling and I’m so happy for him!! Here’s to you brother and Happy National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week!! I love you very much, Mona.

Lonnie Cline

Very responsible driver, courteous on the road to others. Follows traffic laws and is honest.

Thank you, Lonnie!

Matthew Fiorini

Matt is pure sunshine! He is one of the hardest working drivers I know and he is always willing to jump in and take those routes others often complain about! We always receive compliments on how he treats the customers where he delivers their flag pole or light pole. We are a specialty freight company and the work is hard because they help unload these poles and Matt does it with a fantastic attitude every single day!

Ingrid Brown

Ingrid is a dedicated professional in this industry and is always willing to share her experience and expertise with other drivers. She is kind and funny and a joy to be around and I could not be more thankful for her and all she brings to the trucking industry and to my life personally.

Ed O'Brien

Ed works hard to make sure that I have everything that I need due to my medical issues. We sometimes miss birthdays, & anniversaries, but I know that he’s out there working hard to also insure that other families have what they need. He makes me & the family so very proud, every day. He also helps others when he can.

Recognize and Honor a Driver You Appreciate. 

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