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Innovative heavy-duty wiper blade maker will donate 1% of NET profits from all sales of Scrubblade wiper blades nationwide

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – May 4, 2022 – The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF) is excited to welcome Scrubblade as a new sponsor to the St. Christopher family. The brainchild of former pro BMXer turned inventor, Billy Westbrook, Scrubblade is known for its heavy-duty wiper blades with a patented two-part cleaning system.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Billy and the Scrubblade team,” said Shannon Currier, director of philanthropy at St. Christopher. “It’s an honor to partner with such a generous company that shares our vision to help truck drivers and support the industry we all depend on.”

As part of the sponsorship, the Southern California based company will donate 1% of NET profits from all sales of Scrubblade wiper blades online and nationwide to St. Christopher. Scrubblade wipers can be purchased online at or at hundreds of retailers across the U.S.

“The trucking community has been a huge contributor to our business growth throughout the years; because of this, we feel extremely honored to support the St. Christopher Trucker’s Relief Fund,” said Billy Westbrook, Founder and CEO of Scrubblade. “It is amazing to know the sale of every single Scrubblade wiper blade nationwide, will help keep truckers and their families rolling.”

The SCF is a nationwide nonprofit that provides short-term relief to Class A OTR drivers suffering from an illness or injury that took them out of work. The SCF also provides several preventative health and wellness programs for OTR drivers in an effort to keep them on the road.

About SCF: The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF) helps over-the-road semi-truck drivers and their families who are out of work due to a recent illness or injury. Assistance may be in the form of direct payment to providers for household living expenses such as, rent/mortgage, utilities, vehicle payments, and insurance. The SCF also provides health and wellness programs such as diabetes prevention and smoking cessation. For more information, visit

About Scrubblade: Scrubblade is the only wiper blade designed to cut through more than just water. Using patented twopart cleaning system, the innovation comes from the leading blade, containing hundreds of raised triangular scrubbers designed to cut through debris for a cleaner, particle-free windshield. The inside trailing blade follows to remove remaining water and debris for a substantially better wipe. Most windshield wipers are built with only a single squeegee blade, designed to remove water only. Anything more than water is smeared onto the windshield, reducing visibility and increasing risk and frustration. Scrubblade wipers have met the needs of motorist and are a huge improvement over traditional wiper blades.

Donation/Corporate Match Inquiries: Director of Philanthropy:

Shannon Currier 865.202.9428