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Only smoking cessation program for the trucking industry successfully addresses greatest healthcare challenge among professional truck drivers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – November 17, 2021 – The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF) is pleased to share successful results of the trucking industry’s only smoking cessation program – Rigs Without Cigs – on the eve of the American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout awareness event. Since the Rigs without Cigs program launched in September 2017, 139 truck drivers have quit smoking – a 40 percent success rate – and more than 100 drivers have cut their usage in half or more.

While smoking rates have dropped dramatically over the past 40 years, smoking addiction still has a stronghold on professional truck drivers. In fact, more than half of all professional truck drivers in the U.S. smoke. Rigs without Cigs is a smoking cessation program meant to engage with professional drivers and help them reduce, and ultimately quit, using tobacco products.

Truck drivers can sign up for Rigs Without Cigs in six easy steps:

“Rigs without Cigs is a proactive wellness program that helps drivers kick cigarettes out of their rigs and out of their lives for good,” said Julie Dillon, Health and Wellness Manager at St. Christopher Fund. “Due to the nature of their work and their lifestyle, truck drivers have a unique situation that makes it very difficult to quite smoking. Our program is designed specifically to meet their needs on the road and at home.”

The program utilizes a number of different tools and methods to help drivers quick smoking, including e-books, nicotine replacement therapy and two different smoking apps. The program also relies on health coaches, accountability partners and a support group of 292 members that share their experiences and support each through the Rigs Without Cigs Facebook Group. The program also offers on a number of rewards and incentives to encourage drivers to stay with the program. The rewards are donated by the program’s sponsor – RoadPro Family of Brands, which has supported the program since 2019. Rewards and incentives include:

Truck drivers looking for more information can download the Rigs Without Cigs brochure from the SCF website. Drivers can also use the site’s calculator for to see how much they currently spend on cigarettes and how much money they will save over time if they quit smoking today.

SCF’s Rigs Without Cigs program is changing lives, as evidenced by these testimonies:

“There is no magic pill. Julie recommended a book-I listened to it and something finally clicked, and I decided to smoke my last cigarette and I did it. I quit cold turkey ……. You have to reach deep within yourself how long you want to live or die… remember though if you try the gum or the patch it still contains nicotine, and the urge never goes away it’s like giving a heroin addict … My other fear was having a beer with the steak dinner and wanting the after dinner smoke. I have made it through three of those steak dinners.” “I really do believe that the accountability the program installed is the key to my success.”

“Rigs without cigs has been awesome for me. With the constant contact it has helped me stay on track. I think the program works wonders with access to a Facebook group and the keeping in touch, you’re able to stay focused and obtain support when needed thank you very much for your help and assistance.”