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By Idella Hansen, Driver with IBI Secured Transport

Ok folks we all buy groceries and then use the plastic grocery bags in the truck for our trash. Currently, a few ways to store them are as follows:

  • Some containers have a sleeve that has elastic in both ends put them in at the top and pull out the bottom.
  • A few people cram all the bags in one bag and try to hide it somewhere.
  • Others just have a cubby hole they cram all the bags in.  This last one was my deal, till I saw a Facebook  video about folding and rolling the bags.

I went to my jam-packed cubby and drug them out. After I got finished rolling up the plastic bags, I could store 4 times the bags in the same space. Now, I’m thinking there are better ways to utilize my storage space.  I will list several of them below so that you can use the one that works best for you.

  • Store the bags in the used pop-up containers.
  • I have the net shoe holder mounted to the outside back of a closet. They fit nicely in there.

The other day I had just used the last from the Kleenex box and thought, ok, let’s give that a try.  It works great! I put four separate rolls in the box. They pull out very nicely. I have shown the two types of tissue boxes.

I bet it you look around your truck you can find other great containers for your shopping bags .  I was really surprised at how many I got in the first tissue box.  It stores on the shelf, doesn’t take up much room, and easy assessable and looks clean and neat.


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