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Considerations to Keep in Mind for Easy Truck Organization

by Ed Harrison

Truckers who spend the majority of their time on the road often wonder if it’s even possible to organize their big rigs. While doing this does take a bit of time, it’s well worth the effort and can assist a road loving professional in getting their work done efficiently, saving money and time.
Truck Organization Ideas

One of the easier ways to store small items on the flat surfaces in a truck sleeper would be to group these items together in a mini-crate. The square-edges of these crates provide a way for maximum storage room and can hold all sorts of items including DVD’s and CDs. These mini crates stack well beside each other or on top on one another and are readily available at most big box stores.

Dishes and bowls can be stored inside the cabinets provided in the truck. All other utensils can be stored in a flip-top, plastic lidded box or even a lidded coffee can. The cooking appliances can be stored under the bunk of the truck while not in use. In order to prevent the lids from rattling, simply stuff washcloths or paper towels between the lid and the appliance.

Sometimes trucking can get messy, and paper towels are a must. To keep your paper towels close to where you’ll need to use them, secure a bungee cord to your rig. Loop it through your paper towels, and then tie it at the top. This is a great way to hang paper towels from the bottom of a truck bunk.

If you’re trying to eat healthy, prepare a few day’s worth of meals ahead of time, individually packed into plastic, divided containers. EZ Lunchbox is a brand that makes some great ones. These can be stacked inside your refrigerator, and then removed one at a time when it’s mealtime.

Another way to carry fresh fruits and vegetables is by storing them in a hanging shoe organizer. Hang it close to your cabinets or refrigerator, and your produce will be easy to access whenever you need a snack.

The majority of bagged or boxed foods such as pasta, sugar and cereals can be stored using a vertical cupboard above any dishes so they remain intact. Heavier and canned foods can be stored under a bunk. Choose smaller boxes when possible and move things like sugar to small Tupperware containers. Then, organize them inside shoe boxes or larger plastic containers to prevent shifting and spillage during travel.

When it’s time to do some laundry and you don’t have time to get some small items fully dry before heading back on the road, use a wire hanger looped around the edge of your bunk. Then, simply hang your items on the wire with clothes pins. This also works well for damp dish towels or other smaller items that need a little air to stay fresh and dry.

Space in a semi-truck is always at a premium, and there never seems to be enough room to keep everything where you need it most. Sometimes, the simplest tactics are the most effective, and incorporating just a few of them into your routine can make your truck feel cleaner and your life a little more organized while you’re counting the miles and getting the job done.

About The Author

Ed Harrison is a national sales director with Pike’s Peak Strategic Group, providing quality and affordable healthcare and dental care to individuals, families and businesses.