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Campus RX –  Telemedicine. $8 per month using load8 coupon.  Provides mental health services, as well as, traditional medical services. 

Dr. John’s Medical Solutions –  Telemedicine  24Hour Virtual MD; Affordable Accessible Healthcare. Sleep apnea testing and treatment delivery methods.

Foundation for Health Coverage Education – People can get answers to questions about what, if any, health insurance options they qualify for. 1-800-234-1317, free or very low cost.

Hill-Burton Program – Clinics are available for people who cannot afford care. Hospitals, nursing homes,community clinics, and other healthcare facilities participate. 1-800-638-0742.

Health Market –Health, life, Medicare, long term care 423-664-2047

National Association of Free Clinics – They keep a list of free clinics by town, city, and state. 703-647-7427,
HealthWell Foundation – 501 (c) (3) non-profit that helps people who have health insurance who cannot afford their coinsurance, copayments, or premiums for important medical treatments. 1-800-675-8416

Christian Healthcare Ministries – affordable, faith based health insurance program. 1-800-791-6225

Doctors Express – 423-531-0911  go to website to see if there is a location near you

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